Who to connect to on LinkedIn

There are many LinkedIn users who treat LinkedIn connections in the same way as Twitter followers.. the more the merrier. LinkedIn was intended to connect those who know, trust and recommend each other. If you connect to everyone who asks, whether you know them or not, you are watering down the network for yourself and everyone you are connected to. Think of LinkedIn connections as people who you know and trust, people who know what you do and how your…

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5 Things to do on LinkedIn every week

Everyone says you “have to be on LinkedIn”, you get invitations from people you have never met and probably never will, and you don’t understand what you have to do on LinkedIn once you have completed the sign-up form! You’re not alone! A lot of professional people have a LinkedIn profile but few know the secrets of making it work for them.

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Why is LinkedIn so important?

I am often asked why a profile on LinkedIn is so important if you are not looking for a job or trying to impress your boss?

While it’s probably important in those circumstances too, you will find that every savvy business person who have a scheduled meeting with you would have looked at your LinkedIn profile before the meeting! Or when you send an email to someone, or give them a business card…

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