Social Media Strategy Workshop

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Duration: 4.5 hours, 8h30-13h00. Individual consultation sessions are split into two 2 hour sessions.

Content: Understanding social media, how to think about it, and an 8-point strategy to help you define your marketing campaigns.

Outcome: This workshop helps delegates understand the somewhat overwhelming world of social media by making it simple and applicable to any industry. We cover the 8 point strategy describing what to think about before starting a new campaign.

You will be provided with a printed strategy document to jot down ideas for your own strategies while it’s explained.  This way, you can actually walk away with a campaign strategy plan at the end of the workshop.

Notes: Delegates don’t need computers for this workshop, but notepaper and pens are encouraged.  You can also just listen, but jotting down ideas while we talk about it may be helpful.

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